a new mac mini available for libreoffice dev but ...

Laurent Godard lgodard.libre at laposte.net
Thu Apr 5 08:40:38 PDT 2012

Hi all

My compagny provided me a new mac mini under Lion (10.7)
750 GB disk, 8 Gb Ram aso

I'll use it from time to time mainly to test my extension and maybe if 
needed hack on mac specific problem on libro code

That said, this mac mini will not be used very often (at least in the 
coming months) and we would like to offer its power to libreoffice devs 
(as buildbot, tinderbox, anything that would help)

before giving remote access to any volunteer, i wanted to prepare it and 
install the 'graphical needed parts'

thanks to Norbert, ssh access is ok and working (through a no-ip relay). 
Thanks !!!

so this is a call to a kind (and patient) mentor that would help me to 
at least install XCode and 10.4.u SDK and all needed stuff. I recognize 
i'm not very good in mac world (and more generally admin things).

i tried to install XCode3.2.6 but it failed. XCode 4.3.2 has no 
installer and i can not find the SDK 10.4.u package on apple site.

(i already had a loook at 
but i'm still blocked on step 1)

could someone drive me a bit ? I'll be on irc (lgodard) on tomorrow 
morning and physically behind the mac arround midday

Thanks a lot in advance


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