a new mac mini available for libreoffice dev but ...

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Apr 5 22:06:24 PDT 2012

> I seem to recall that XCode 3.2 looks for a /Developer folder in the
> root of your disk to install to,

Well, that is the default installation folder for old Xcodes, yes;
presumably if you accept the default it will be created if necessary,
it doesn't have to exist. It doesn't "look" for it as far as I know.

> but on Lion I think that Apple got rid
> of this folder (maybe that was your problem ?).

The earlier versions of Xcode 4 apparently renamed an old /Developer
that contained Xcode 3 to /Developer-old if you chose to install (the
eralier) Xcode 4 into its default location, /Developer.

The current Xcode 4 is a "pure" app, distributed through the Mac App
Store, all that is installed is the app bundle,
/Applications/Xcode.app, which then has the binaries and SDKs (10.6
and 10.7) etc below it. With the current Xcode there is no /Developer
at all.

(In addition then, if you in Xcode tell it to download and install the
additional "command-line tools", it will install stuff like
/usr/bin/gcc. Not entirely sure if that is where those come from,
haven't tried on a clean 10.7 to install the current Xcode.)

Our configure.in doesn't attempt to use tools and SDKs under
/Applications/Xcode.app at all yet. If you have the current Xcode and
insist on trying building with it, you will have to pass in a bunch of
options and/or environment variables.

> Maybe if you create the folder Developer, and then try
> reinstalling 3.2 to it ?

No need to create the folder first, surely. Until Laurent tells
exactly what his problem was, no use guessing.

> Then, if you also want the latest XCode, move
> the Developer folder elsewhere whilst you install XCode 4 and simply
> just shove it back into place once you've finished ?

As I said above, the current Xcode doesn't use any /Developer folder at all.


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