a new mac mini available for libreoffice dev but ...

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 13:41:16 PDT 2012

Le 05/04/12 17:40, Laurent Godard a écrit :

Hi Laurent,

> so this is a call to a kind (and patient) mentor that would help me to
> at least install XCode and 10.4.u SDK and all needed stuff. I recognize
> i'm not very good in mac world (and more generally admin things).
> i tried to install XCode3.2.6 but it failed. XCode 4.3.2 has no
> installer and i can not find the SDK 10.4.u package on apple site.

I seem to recall that I downloaded XCode 3.2.6 from Apple's website.
Granted, I did already have a working XCode 3 version from a previous
OSX Tiger DVD, but installing from the Apple download site didn't give
me any trouble. I did have to register with the Apple Developer program
though (but it was free).

I seem to recall that XCode 3.2 looks for a /Developer folder in the
root of your disk to install to, but on Lion I think that Apple got rid
of this folder (maybe that was your problem ?). There was a discussion
about this on this list a while back, I think, it must be somewhere in
the archives. Maybe if you create the folder Developer, and then try
reinstalling 3.2 to it ? Then, if you also want the latest XCode, move
the Developer folder elsewhere whilst you install XCode 4 and simply
just shove it back into place once you've finished ? Just an idea.


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