[PATCH] Re: librO python & ssl support

Laurent Godard lgodard.libre at laposte.net
Fri Apr 6 03:56:54 PDT 2012

Hi Caolan

thanks a lot for your response

> We should probably be tweaking the python build to find the headers and
> (static) library of our internal openssl, e.g. see libxslt/makefile.mk
> (and others) and SOLARINCDIR/SOLARLIBDIR, there we point the build to
> our internal libs.

i had a look and here is the patch i deduced. may be wrong as makefile 
things are a bit cryptic to me ;)

i have a remaining question though (may be dummy) :

why in python_LDFLAGS do we use /usr/lib and not /usr$/lib as on other 
lines. is it important ? does it make any difference ?

> ldd basis-link/program/python-core-2.6.1/lib/lib-dynload/_ssl.so
> no longer lists libssl.so.4 and libcrypto.so.4

as i told, in previous build i myself made, i had no problem. the 
problem on
 >>> import ssl
only occured with the official downloaded .deb (amd64)

so even if it builds i can't verify if the patch solves (or destroy) 
anything :(

thanks a lot again, and if something is pushed please consider also to 
provide it for 3.5.3 if possible as i'll need it


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