Libreoffice Java x64 connection through UNO

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Wed Apr 11 05:04:30 PDT 2012

> The one problem is that UNO "named pipe" (i.e., --accept=pipe,name=foo;urp)
> communication, even from within a pure Java environment, needs some native
> code (jpipe JNI library) which obviously needs to be available in the format
> of the JVM process's architecture.

OK. So would it be feasible to build this jpipe JNI library also as
64-bit code, even if LO as such is built as 32-bit code? (We already
have some mechanisms for stuff like this in place, to build the
Explorer extension code also as 64-bit.) (Whether that actually works
is another question, though, there has been bug reports about the
Explorer extension recently...)

The source for this jpipe library (or actually, for jpipx.dll, which
is wrapped by a thin jpipe.dll on Windows) is
jurt/source/pipe/com_sun_star_lib_connections_pipe_PipeConnection.c, I

I see that it does #include "osl/security.h", and that jpipx.dll
imports from sal3.dll a handful of osl_ and rtl_ functions. So those
would have to be built as 64-bit code, too. Still, not rocket science.
(I would even say that it would be best to just copy-paste those
functions into the com_sun_star_lib_connections_pipe_PipeConnection.c,
and not have any separate wrapper dll at all, just a jpipe.dll that
doesn't import sal3.dll.


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