Angolan Portuguese, 1990 spelling agreement and the vero pt-BR dictionaries ?

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Wed Apr 11 05:38:55 PDT 2012

looking at the Brazilian Portuguese spelling etc dictionary that we

It looks like it follows the "1990 Portuguese Spelling Agreement", does
that mean that it would also be suitable for Portuguese as written in
Angola ?

i.e. we have support for that locale since

If the vero dictionaries would be suitable for pt-AO as well, then its
just a matter of changing

the Locales entries from...

            <prop oor:name="Locales" oor:type="oor:string-list">
            <prop oor:name="Locales" oor:type="oor:string-list">
                <value>pt-BR pt-AO</value>


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