Angolan Portuguese, 1990 spelling agreement and the vero pt-BR dictionaries ?

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Hello Caolán

Em 11-04-2012 09:38, Caolán McNamara escreveu:
> looking at the Brazilian Portuguese spelling etc dictionary that we
> include,
> It looks like it follows the "1990 Portuguese Spelling Agreement", does
> that mean that it would also be suitable for Portuguese as written in
> Angola ?

Well... the Agreement aims to unify the Portuguese language spelling for
+450 millions of souls. But nothing is linear here and some controversy
still exist.

The Brazilians have adopted almost enthousiastically and there is no
loose ends here. But Portugual are still reluctant and some flames are
burning there on the matter. There is a deadline for the adoption some
years ahead anyway, ad after this deadline the speellig should be unified...

Regarding Angolans (and Mozambicans), I think that, if they follow the
agreement, they will do at the Portuguese pace, for historical reasons
specially because they got their independence from Portugal in the 60's
and have stronger cultural ties with Portugal than with Brazil.

So, I had a glimpse on the pt-PT dictionary of LibreOffice and I the
latest date reference is 2006, which suggest that this is not a
dictionary that follows the Agreement.

But Vero developer, Raimundo Moura from Brazil also built a Vero release
for pt-PT with the new spelling agreement. The release is in this page: and supports the spelling agreement.

The extension is Vero_pt_PT_V209AOC.oxt . It is quite updated and active.

My advise will be to user Vero for pt-PT for Angola and Mozambique. But
I put Sergio Marques from Portugal to advise as well.



> i.e. we have support for that locale since
> If the vero dictionaries would be suitable for pt-AO as well, then its
> just a matter of changing
> dictionaries/pt_BR/dictionaries.xcu
> the Locales entries from...
>             <prop oor:name="Locales" oor:type="oor:string-list">
>                 <value>pt-BR</value>
>             </prop>
> to...
>             <prop oor:name="Locales" oor:type="oor:string-list">
>                 <value>pt-BR pt-AO</value>
>             </prop>
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