needed: items for blog for promote feature testing

Cor Nouws oolst at
Thu Apr 12 06:56:52 PDT 2012

Hi *,

Will post a blog tomorrow on TDF blog.  The idea (from our QA meetings):

"  is having indeed a list of areas that can be clearly pointed at, and 
to mention them in a sort of standard post on our official TDF blog. 
E.g. every two weeks 4 to 8 items and guiding users interested to test 
in these area's to the daily builds.  "

So simple and clear.

I noticed some visible work, e.g. functions that people can clearly look 
  - favourites in LibreOffice file dialogue,
  - rtf import
  - (possiprolly some more - have to look for them)

But now ... more suggestions welcome ! :-)

Thanks a lot,

  - Cor

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