Trying to solve a crasher in editeng unit test

Kohei Yoshida kohei.yoshida at
Fri Apr 13 09:14:56 PDT 2012

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 8:15 AM, Caolán McNamara <caolanm at> wrote:

>> Yes.  Some of my changes were an attempt to address that
> ok, plan b, reorganize matters so that we bootstrap the initial uno
> component context once before all tests, and dispose it once after all
> tests are complete. Rather than setup/teardown before/after each test
> which just doesn't fly so well.

Thanks Caolan, for solving this.  I just didn't realize how tangled up
the life cycle of these singleton objects was...

> reenabled editeng test again, and await inevitable fallout on some
> platform or other.

Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)


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