[ANDROID-UI-PATCH] Starting of code for menu list for potential start center.

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Apr 17 02:56:20 PDT 2012

The patch still creates files in an "android/UI" subdirectory (which
gives the wrong impression, that they would be *the* UI for LO on
Android, uses a weird "LO_UI" project name in the .project file and a
weird LO_UIActivity class name, and the LO_UIActivity.java file says
"import lo.UI.R". Could you please put everything under an
"android/experimental/eagles051387" subdirectory (because, frankly, I
doubt anybody else is going to continue based on this code), for
instance, and use org.libreoffice.experimental consistently in all
places (or even org.libreoffice.experimental.eagles051387).


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