[PATCH] fdo#48473 No object information in status bar

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Tue Apr 17 16:11:37 PDT 2012

Markus Mohrhard schrieb:
> Hey Regina,
>>>> commit 29ac03994484cb65725ec697cb7615a31b117b58 translated some comments.
>>>> It
>>>> translated a String constant too, but left out one occurrences of that
>>>> constant. This patch adds the missing translation.
>>> As explained in Hamburg this is not the right fix for the problem. We
>>> should instead don't initialize the string with a value and check at
>>> this position if the string is empty.
>> No, that does not work. I have tested it. It results in an empty status bar
>> for a single click and a "xxx selected" in case of dragging, where the
>> changes should be shown. I think, that is because of the test
>> if(!aStr.Len()) in line 1181.
> In this case we need to find another solution. It is never a good idea
> to have two string constants at different places that are related.
> Either we move it to a variable and use the variable for that or we
> find another clean solution. Thorsten mentioned also that using
> nothing is not the best idea because it is a valid name in this case.

I have now defined a macro for that string, so that there is only one 
place for the literal string. This way the semantic remains the same as 
it has worked for several years.

Kind regards

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