[ANDROID-UI-PATCH] [PUSHED] Starting of code for menu list for potential start center.

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Apr 17 23:57:22 PDT 2012

OK, I applied and pushed it. I dropped the .gitignore file from the
patch as we already have an android/.gitignore that lists bin and gen.
I changed the .classpath in the project directory to be .classpath.in
instead and use @ANDROID_SDK_HOME@ to expand the SDK location. (You
had hardcoded your home directory.)

> I have gotten about 2 other people and possibly a big time android dev interested in helping with this project.

Great, looking forward to their contributions.

(I will move my "DocumentLoader" experiment to also be in the
org.libreoffice.experimental namespace, and under the
android/experimental directory.)


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