Windows - Embed Server et al.

Noel Grandin noel at
Thu Apr 19 01:03:04 PDT 2012

OOh, I really hope you're planning on working on:
That would make setting up windows build machines much easier.

I'm not an expert, but this is what I could find:

It looks like the ActiveX control was intended to allow embedding of LO 
inside InternetExplorer.

OLE looks like it was primarily implemented to allow LO to be controlled 
from external programs:

ActiveX/OLE is not compiled into LO on platforms other than Windows.

On 2012-04-19 00:54, Mat M wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to decrypt some of the Windows bits of LO, namely OLE & 
> ActiveX parts.
> If I read correctly 
>, it says 
> that OLE is an interface, mainly used in Windows, but which could be 
> implemented everywhere.
> When doing Insert/Object/OLE Object in LibO, we can see all our 
> components here.
> IIUC, LibO uses it to incorporate data coming from LibO components in 
> another LibO component (same type or not). And it works under Windows 
> & under Linux, which is smart.
> So now, I have a full load of questions :)
> 1. Why the OLE components are not visible from other OLE-capable 
> Windows apps like Wordpad ? Is it only an internal implementation 
> which is only compatible to itself ?
> 2. When browsing the sources I found :
>  - extensions/source/ole :  what does it do ?
>  - extensions/source/activex : it should provide an activex of LibO. 
> The README.txt states we should have a so_activex.dll we need to 
> register but I don't find any dll in 3.5.2 which seems related to 
> that. Is it still delivered ?
> 3. I tried to detect components in my system:
>  - In DCOM config, I only see a LibreOffice Service Manager 1.0, which 
> is related to soffice.exe.
>  - From VC++2008Express, no .Net or COM component is detected. Is it 
> normal ?
> 4. extensions/source/ole, extensions/source/activex & embedserv all 
> require atl & mfc from Microsoft. How do you handle that under 
> non-Windows OSes ?
> Thanks in advance to the people who will answer :)
> Best regards


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