[REVIEW] fdo#48969 ODF import measure conversion regression

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Fri Apr 20 13:01:33 PDT 2012

this is a funny regression in 3.5, the unit parameters to the
unit conversion function were switched, so it went in the wrong
direction, resulting in tiny font sizes when opening ODF documents
produced my MSOffice (they apparently use some obscure "inch" unit that
needs converting).

the buggy conversion function sax::Converter::convertDouble was buggy
since it was added many years ago, but it was also unused, until
i cleaned up some code duplication and removed its duplicate
(which did it correctly) with commit

proposed fix for libreoffice-3-5:


for good measure (?) i've implemented various additional conversions as
well, no idea why they were unimplemented before:


to prevent future calamities of that nature i've added a unit test:


also, apologies to Radek who i've suspected to be the culprit but upon
closer examination he is innocent :)

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