.: sw/source

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Apr 25 04:37:08 PDT 2012

> this is wrong: the method must be called Notify so the SfxBroadcaster
> calls it.

Ah ok. Will revert and add a pragma instead then to make it a warning
only even if -Werror.

> if you get a warning "hides overloaded virtual function" here then i
> don't understand it because there is an explicit "using Window::Notify"
> that should result in that overload _not_ being hidden, so it looks like
> a compiler bug to me; unless of course there is a third Notify method
> somewhere.

The one that clang complained about was in the base class,
MultiLineEdit in svtools/inc/svtools/svmedit.hxx .

> (and let me lament [...])

Hear, hear.


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