gbuild: GMAKE_OPTIONS overridable ...

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at
Sun Apr 29 23:57:05 PDT 2012

Dne Po 30. dubna 2012 01:36:03, Bjoern Michaelsen napsal(a):
>  export GMAKE_OPTIONS="-j30 -l9 -sr"
>  make
> or
>  make GMAKE_OPTIONS="-j30 -l9 -sr"
> should both allow you to build more optimal on a single (that is no
> distcc/icecream) 8-core system by taking in account system load.

few questions tho:

What will happen now if I build with:
./configure --with-max-jobs=32
make GMAKE_OPTIONS="-j30"

On the note I would really like to have those configure options on jobs really 
gone, as it is up to make to decide this.

And second why the LO must be special and just don't accept the arguments like 
normal make process?
So using "make -j30 -l9 -sr" should just work. Or is there some problem that 
you can't clean the parameters up when calling dmake?

Anyway keep up the great work :)


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