[PUSHED]fdo#53002:Turkish Default Currency to be changed YTL to TL

Efe Gürkan YALAMAN efeyalaman at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 13:43:51 PDT 2012

2012/8/2 Eike Rathke <erack at redhat.com>

> Hi Efe,
> On Thursday, 2012-08-02 00:05:29 +0300, Efe Gürkan YALAMAN wrote:
> Thanks for the patches.
> The first where you added another currency entry goes into the right
> direction, but there's an error
> Error: CurrencySymbol "YTL" flagged as usedInCompatibleFormatCodes doesn't
> match "TL" determined from format codes.
> Error: Currency: more than one currency flagged as
> usedInCompatibleFormatCodes.
> The entry used in the format codes usually stays the same, the number
> formatter exchanges symbols in the format codes, but since the older
> symbol is now reused it would duplicate the list of formats. I fixed
> that, and since the ISO 4217 code TRY actually stays the same and only
> the currency symbol changes another attribute legacyOnly="true" is
> needed to correctly load documents using the old currency symbol and not
> offer it in the dialog otherwise. Using legacyOnly="true" on the old TL
> entry and makeing the new one default prevents duplication of the
> currency formats.

That part is little bit challenging for me.

> Much of weird stuff happens if some organizations decide to reuse
> symbols ;-)
> Yes i recognized it. :-)

> > There is also a new currency sign for Turkish Lira. The sign can be
> > implemented later.
> I would had preferred if we could had added it now, as we're on it
> anyway and for changing the symbol again later we would have to
> introduce yet another entry and declare the current as legacy, but the
> new Unicode code point U+20BA assigned to the symbol isn't in yet and
> won't be displayed properly by systems (it is some generic "₺" currency
> symbol now) so we'll have to do that later, see also
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_lira_sign

By the way new currency sign is just a character inside of a font.

> I commited your patch as d09b4e30d7e87f181fa3913e81c6d38c04a8f5f8
> and my follow-up changes cb7c34f3bcd4df7a67f1a9d31b3bf849af4f79e4
> (sorry, the fdo machine where cgit runs on is currently down, otherwise
> I'd give you browsable URLs)

Thank you.

> Btw, please configure your git to use a correct email address, in the
> patch I changed <efe at efe-HP-Ubuntu.(none)> to <efeyalaman at gmail.com>
> git config --global user.email efeyalaman at gmail.com

I recognized after i sending patches. sorry.

> As a convention, if a patch fixes a bug we also mention fdo#... in the
> commit summary to have a patch assigned to a bug, in this case
> fdo#53002, I added that in the commit.
Last but not least, apparently we don't have your license statement on
> file, https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Developers
> Could you please send a mail to the mailing list with a blanket
> statement that you contribute this and further patches under LGPLv3+ and
> MPL 1.1 licenses?

I will.

> Thanks

It was challenging for me as a 1. grade computer engineering student. I
learned a lot from you.

Thank you again.

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