Static src analysis of LibreOffice

John Smith lbalbalba at
Fri Aug 3 00:00:56 PDT 2012


Thanks for all the help and tips everyone provided. I finally have
successfully run the clang analyzer on LibreOffice ~master with
'--with-system-libs'. The only exceptions being:

1.) '--with-system-saxon=no'
Because the open source HE variant of saxon does not have all the
necessary features.

2.) '--with-system-libcmis'
Because I couldnt get LO building with Fedora's libcmis-0.2.3 and

I have uploaded the generated report here:

Please do note that the C++ *analyzer* (not the compiler) is still
very much regarded as a 'work-in-progress' at this point, so you are
likely to run into false positives. And of course, if you do find a
false positive, you can always consider assisting in improving the
analyzer by submitting a test-case and bug report over here ;)  :

Have fun!


John Smith

PS1: Besides possible 'bugs', the compiler also reported quite a few
compiler 'errors'. But because they all looked like the same error, I
have only uploaded the 1st one due to space considerations.

PS2: I would have loved to mention the exact revision of 'master' I
ran this test on, but Im really new to git. Is there a git command
that can provide a human readable/meaningful revision number, like you
can get with 'svn info' ?

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