Proposal/Prototype support for "fill in character" in Calc Number Format Strings // final patch set // verbose edition

Noel Power nopower at
Fri Aug 3 06:49:42 PDT 2012

Hi Johann
On 01/08/12 15:26, Johann Messner wrote:
> hello Noel,
> [Cc to Philipp],
> I tried to prepare a more "verbose" edition of the
> patch set (and especially of the minor modifications
> by myself) ... please see
>     (-> patchInfo-31-Jul-2012__for_libreoffice.3.5.3-verbose.txt )
> This file should be acceptable to the 'patch' command on a
> box with the very same src tree (libreoffice 3.5.3). However,
> since you're a developer you use a more advanced version of the libreoffice
> source code. You will have to examine (and eventually adopt in a
> cleaned up fashion) some of the code pieces very carefully..
we try to make the process for submitting patches really easy ( for both 
submitters and developers/reviewers ) we don't require much. But really 
a patch ( ontop of another patch ) and the whole lot based on top of an 
old source version doesn't make things easy to review. Ok, granted this 
is abit of a special case since some of the patches involved are not 
committed, so... I have committed the remaining xml and preview related 
fixes to master. Can you please checkout the current master, make your 
changes and create your patches against that. That avoids messy time 
consuming and error prone steps of trying to trace through a large patch 
trying to filter special custom markup to detect the relevant changes. 
It would really help us if you could do that, if you have problems 
either creating the patches and/or getting/building the master branch 
there is plenty of help at hand and we are ready and happy to help you.


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