[PATCH] Bugzilla-assistant

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Aug 3 09:17:52 PDT 2012

Hi Rob,

I am very sorry that we all missed the patches for too long time. We
were busy with 3.6.0 release. It is bad excuse but...

Please, see also one question bellow.


could you please pull and restart the stuff on the server?

Rob Snelders píše v Po 16. 07. 2012 v 23:09 +0200:
> Hi All,
> I have created 3 patches for the Bugzilla-assistant:

They looked good => pushed, see:


I am only a bit curious about the second one. It renames 'Localization'
back to 'Localisation'. Is it by purpose?

Finally, I slightly improved the indentation, see
You know, it was hard to understand the changes in the long lines. I
hope that it is fine for you ;-)

Thanks a lot for nice contribution. I will do my best to push your
patches faster next time.

Best Regards,

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