Need help to locate HSQLDB in Base

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Tue Aug 7 05:55:03 PDT 2012

Hi there,

On Mon, 2012-08-06 at 23:10 +0500, Muhammad Waqas Iftikhar wrote:
> I personally vote for libmysqld. 

	Unfortunately from a licensing perspective this basically crushes
LibreOffice as a platform for writing proprietary plugins. It would seem
a bit ridiculous to have to pay Oracle cash, in order to install an
unrelated proprietary plugin (eg. Lotus Notes integration) into
LibreOffice :-)

	So - in general, we've avoided any linking to MySQL or other GPL code -
linking to the client library also suffers from their very odd
open-source-only client library licensing. The hope is that MariaDB have
a new LGPL client library in the works.

	I'd really like to understand better what the problems with firebird
are :-) As I understand it postgresql has no embedding functionality
that would make it easy to bundle their core.

	Anyhow - thanks so much for looking into this !

	All the best,


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