upcoming IP change for VMs

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Thu Aug 9 05:26:11 PDT 2012


sorry for crossposting on three lists, but I need to reach out to 
everyone affected.

Since we're running out of IPs for our virtual machines, we will migrate 
to a larger subnet in the next days. This will mean that everyone who 
runs a virtual machine and has set up rules based on the current IP 
address needs to adapt it.

We will change the IP on our side, and also the bridging to the VM as 
well as the DNS entries, whose TTL we will lower before to make the 
migration go smooth, but in case you made manual adaptions, we need your 
help, since deeply investigating every of the currently 13 VMs is a bit 
tedious. ;-)

If you have access to one or more of the TDF systems, and are not sure 
whether you are using a VM, the following might help:

- Do you have root access? If so, you most likely have VM.
- Is the hostname vmX(Y).documentfoundation.org? Then it's a VM.
- Try the host command on the command line to find out if your system is 
on a VM:
   - $ host gerrit.libreoffice.org
     gerrit.libreoffice.org has address
   - $ host domain name pointer vm2.documentfoundation.org

If you maintain a VM, *please* do ping us at 
hostmaster at documentfoundation.org directly so we can keep you in the 
loop. Do *not* reply to this list, do *not* write to me individually, 
but rather, write to hostmaster at documentfoundation.org

Plus, if you maintain a VM, please check where the IP address is stored, 
beside /etc/hosts and /etc/network/interfaces and possible firewall 
rules (ufw status resp. iptables -L -n), so you know where to change 
them when the switch happens.

Sorry for these inconveniences, and thanks for your work on LibreOffice!

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