ODF angle in draw:transform are in degrees

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Sat Aug 11 10:33:12 PDT 2012

Hi Dennis,

Dennis E. Hamilton schrieb:
> The proposal that Regina brought to the ODF TC is safer.  It does not
> depend on attempting to identify the producer.  (In fact, the ODF
> specification says that the generator identification is *not* to be
> used in this manner.  It is also unreliably used.)
> The idea is to face reality and affirm that draw:angle has an integer
> value that expresses the angle in units of 1/10-th degree.  (There
> are other aspects of this problem that are not so clean cut.)
> This supports alignment on the present reality and preserves the
> interoperability that is afforded with that treatment.

That is the problem with the unit of angles for gradients. But this here 
is different. It is about transformations. The matrix has no problems, 
because the relevant matrix elements are used as unitless factor. But 
rotate, skewX and skewY have angles as parameter.

> The next step is to come up with a new attribute (or attributes) that
> correspond to SVG provisions and are rigorously defined.  The new
> attribute(s) would appear down-level (i.e., in ODF
> 1.0/1.1/IS26300/1.2) as extensions and be ignored but be official in
> ODF 1.3 (which would deprecate but not remove draw:angle).
> If the SVG-aligned attributes are present (and to be required in ODF
> 1.3 documents, let's say) and recognized, they would over-rule
> draw:angle.  ODF 1.3 Producers that wanted to ensure down-level
> interoperability would produce both attributes.
> How does that sound?

It would be great to have an attribute svg:transform. That would be the 
best solution for me and will prevent further trouble.

Nevertheless the problem remains, that
   ODF1.1 has no unit at all and documents written by StarOffice use 
unit rad,
   and ODF1.2 specifies degree, but at least Apache OpenOffice, 
LibreOffice and Powerpoint 2013 use rad.

I don't know, whether Gnumeric uses <draw:transform>. I have seen in the 
meantime that Genumeric uses the attribute <draw:angle> in fillings in 
charts and unfortunately (from Apache OpenOffice point of view) Gnumeric 
uses it in deg there and not 0.1deg.

So there are some rules or hints needed, how to tread documents which 
are ODF1.1 or ODF1.2.

Kind regards

> - Dennis
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> One way would be to add a new attribute specifying either degrees or
> radians. Then modify the loader code so it looks at the application
> that created the file to determine what it should do in cases where
> there is not attribute. Fundamentally, I don't see that there is a
> "perfect" solution to this.
> On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Regina Henschel
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>> Hi,
>> there is a problem which I have not addressed in the Wiki (see
>> other mail). As far as I see, the specification ODF 1.1 has no
>> setting for the unit of the angles, but ODF 1.2 set it to
>> "degrees". SVG has it in degrees too, so this setting is
>> reasonable.
>> But our implementation uses "radians". So there are a lot of
>> documents out, that have the angle in radians in the document.
>> Any idea how to proceed?
>> Kind regards Regina
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