Build LO for Android on Mac OS 10.8

James Chen jameschen at
Sun Aug 12 19:38:16 PDT 2012

Thank you, tml!

I've pulled latest code and I'm trying to build it.

According to the location of, I recall it's kind of personal
preference. :P I thought it was misplaced so I move it back.
Luckily, xcode-select and xcrun are still in /usr/bin.

Thanks, again. I'll report in the result later.


On 12/8/10 下午9:13, "Tor Lillqvist" <tml at> wrote:

>The root cause to your problem is that you are building the MacOSX
>build-time software as 64-bit code, and LO (including the build-time
>tools that it builds in order to use them later during the build)
>needs to be built as 32-bit code on the Mac. (And Windows, BTW. It's
>only for Linux that LO can be built as 64-bit code. Which is a bit
>sad, but not really a crucial misfeature;)
>I see that you have your Xcode 4 in /Developer/Applications/,
>is that just a personal preference of yours, or is there some common
>situation in which Xcode ends up in such a location? (I assume the
>normal one is /Applications/
>Anyway, just add -m32 to the CC_FOR_BUILD and CXX_FOR_BUILD to
>indicate that 32-bit code should be produced. Or, since last night,
>you should be able to drop the CC_FOR_BUILD and CXX_FOR_BUILD settings
>from your autogen.lastrun, the intent is now that the configure script
>should then find out automatically which Xcode and SDK to use and
>which compiler. I hope that it will work also for you even if you use
>that /Developer/Applications path, as long as xcode-select and xcrun
>are still in /usr/bin for you, are they?

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