Iain Billett iainbillett at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 05:29:55 PDT 2012


I've worked out a way of getting reasonable box-shadow around the page
thumbnails. Ultimately it requires pixel by pixel modification to soften
the shadow ( It was too dark before ). All the same it doesn't seem too
slow but currently the thumbnails are small. Currently, the shadow is added
at runtime as part of the grid adapter but I could just add the shadow to
the thumbnail? ( This would make it difficult to change once added, unless
we keep the original also ). I'm really surprised that there is no clean
way of doing this (that I can see).

Also, as this is the last week of GSoC are there any outstanding issues
you'd like me to work on?

Another notice , I've relocated to Spain for the last week, just thought
you should know. My girlfriends parents run an english school here, so
that's where I'm basing myself. I'll probably end up getting more work done
here as there are fewer distractions.

All the best,

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