Solarmutex Deadlock when Closing Calc which contains functions with XVolatileResult return values

anwen anwenfish at
Mon Aug 13 15:35:33 PDT 2012

Michael Stahl-2 wrote
> On 09/08/12 15:56, anwen wrote:
>> I am also interested in XDocumentEventBroadcaster/XDocumentEventListener.
>> I
>> am wondering if you could correct my following code which tries to
>> register
>> a XDocumentListener with the XDocumentEventBroadcaster in a Calc
>> Extension.
>> I did some research on this topic. Most of examples initialize a
>> EventBroadcaster following a bootstrap() method which could not be used
>> in
>> Calc Extension.
> i don't think documents implement XDocumentEventBroadcaster, but there
> is a GlobalEventBroadcaster service that you can get from the service
> factory:
>  Object oGEB = m_xMSF.createInstance(
>                 "");
>  m_xGEB = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XDocumentEventBroadcaster.class,
> oGEB);
> iirc the DocumentEvent that your listener gets then contains something
> that identifies the document that the event is for.

I implemented the above code with c++ . However, it did not work. Anything
wrong with the following code:
m_xCC is a given Reference<XComponentContext>

m_xCC), UNO_QUERY); //xBrd is still empty, not sure why?
if (
	Reference< XEventListener > xDocListener(
			static_cast<XEventListener*>(new CalcListener()), UNO_QUERY);



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