[libreoffice-users] Creating High Res Images in Draw or Impress

Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Thu Aug 16 00:59:02 PDT 2012

On 15/08/2012 23:21, Mary Ellen Bost wrote:
> Hi- not sure if this email thread is strictly for reporting bugs but I have a question and it's worth a shot.
> I hate gimp & need to create a few simple graphics in Draw or Impress. But they need to be a specific size and high resolution.
> I just created a picture 5.3in x 5.3 inch square in draw & exported it as a png. When the dpi option appeared- it was 48 dpi.
> If I increase the dpi...the image shrinks.
dpi <> ppi
dpi = the number of pixels used for representing the picture on a 
printer or a screen. This do not involved the number of pixels in your 
image, its a "notation" for the future output size
so: if we have 500 pixels and you ask for a dpi of 50, then your picture 
will showup  at 10 inches
in draw: if you need to endup with a resolution off 300 pixels you must 
gives  the also the size  500/300 = 1.666 inches
Hope it helps
> I know that there is a plug in for PowerPoint that allows you to export images in created in a ppt as high res.
> Is there any plug in or anything I can do to create a high res image in any of the Libre Office programs?
> PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!
> Thanks!

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