[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2012][svg export filter] Weekly Report #13

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 13:00:47 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,
this is my last GSoC weekly report.
I thanks my mentor and all the community for support.

Report #13
Date/Time, Footer and Page Number text fields are displayed
correctly again.

Fixed several bugs related to synchronization of the two
iterations on both meta comment actions and text paragraphs/text
portions enumerations. At present list items inside a table or
an OLE object are not exported correctly.

Enabled support for animating text paragraph. Both entrance and
exit effects work on text shapes, on the contrary there is not yet
support for emphasis effects such as changing font color and
font properties.
At present it is possible to apply an effect to the whole paragraph
only, no support is provided for by word or by character effect

The MetaSlide class has two new methods for collecting text shapes
 from the text shape exported index and hyperlinks.
A new HyperlinkElement class has been designed for handling text
portion with an attached URL. The routine handling mouse click has
been modified in order to interacting with the EventMultiplexer
instance belonging to the current slide even when no animations
are exported.

All that let us supporting both web links and local links to slide
belonging to the current document.

The routine handling mouse click has been modified in order to avoid
to start the next effect or switch to the next slide when there is
a text fragment selected.

Now when the user selects text or performs a right click in order
to copy the selected text no further action is executed by the
presentation engine. When the left mouse button is clicked the
previous selection is discarded but still no further action is
performed by the presentation engine.

I spent last two days in making text animations compatible with
text selection I succeeded in achieving some good result.
The only things that still doesn’t work properly, as far as I can
see, is that hyperlinks inside animated paragraph don’t work

You can read the full details on my gsoc project log book:

You can get some sample presentation here:
For testing selection/searching features you need to utilize
Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

You can look at the source code in the feature branch:
feature/svg-export, that includes all new commits after the last
master branch merging. The last commit is enough experimental.

Be aware that there is still a lot of debugging code in the
current implementation and a good amount of tracing info is
present in the exported svg document too.

What left out
Unfortunately I didn't succeeded in the GSoC time-frame to provide
the following features/bug-fixes:

1- complete support for animation involving text paragraph;

2- adding new meta comment actions that let me switching the
    implementation of text exporting to meta comment actions only;

3- supporting text export for table shapes and ole2 shapes;

4- text decorations (underline, strike-through) are not yet supported;

5- adjusting text when the font used is not the one required;

6- shadowed, outlined, embossed and engraved text is not supported;

7- exporting embedded svg image natively, without transforming them
    into a bitmap and back.

-- Marco

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