[GSOC-UPDATE](20.08) Impress Remote -- first testing apk.

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Mon Aug 20 13:10:58 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

The latest updates:
- Minor fixes to discovery, to prevent deadlocks.
- Discovery now working on windows: was previously non-functional, due 
to including
   Winsock headers but linking against winsock2. (The LO pairing dialog 
is however still blank under windows.)
- Fixed a minor bug affecting the formatting of network servers in the 
discovery screen.
- Migrated the rest of the activities and fragments to ABS -- hopefully 
this means the App will work under Android 2.3+ (possibly earlier 
versions too). I'll be testing that tomorrow once I've added emulator 
detection to the selection screen (I no longer have any devices with 
Android < 4, meaning I can only test this on the emulator, which I can't 
do since I currently can't connect from emulator to localhost*).
- Bluetooth discovery and pairing functional (pairing for bluetooth is 
dealt with by the OS), communication not yet possible (I'm still 
figuring out how serial communication can be properly set up / how to 
use service records etc.)

* I mean to add emulator detection and manual IP entry tomorrow to allow 
testing using an emulator again.

A first apk for testing, which is only known to work with Android >= 
4.0.3 (might work on Android 2.3+, with some theming issues), can be 
found under 
http://ahunt.org/libreoffice/remote/sdremote-20082012-alpha01.apk . (At 
the moment I'm hosting these on my webspace -- would it be appropriate 
to place them on the LO site anywhere?). The server side is currently 
only known to work on Linux -- on Windows the pairing dialog is 
non-functional, and Mac hasn't been tested. Both smartphone and computer 
have to be on the same network, with ports 1598 (udp) and 1599 (tcp) 
open. Please be gentle with the "coverflow" switching widget, as it can 
cause an endless loop of slides switching back and forward if slides are 
changed too violently. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated, but 
please be aware that some parts are still unpolished and brittle. (I'll 
set up a wiki page to keep track of issues experienced tomorrow.)



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