[GSOC-UPDATE](23.08) Impress Remote

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Thu Aug 23 12:43:45 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Today I did the following:
- Disabled bluetooth (Linux) for glib < 2.26 since dbus isn't available 
in gio until then. (Is it worth looking into using dbus-glib instead? I 
only do one dbus call at startup, and possibly one at shutdown -- 
everything else is via sockets.)
- Added manual server ip entry, and permanent storage of such entries.
- Added deletion of manual entries.

If my bluetooth dongle arrives tomorrow I'll try and get bluetooth on 
windows running (the api seems fairly similar to that on linux, except 
service advertising doesn't need dbus, which was the main issue with the 
Linux implementation). However I've noticed that there are multiple 
bluetooth stacks with different api's on windows -- initially I'll use 
the windows api, but the widcomm stack also seems to be quite common 
(I'll be looking at the bluecove library once again for inspiration). 
I'll probably discover more as I actually write and test the code.

If I don't have a bluetooth dongle tomorrow I'll probably implement the 
error/reconnection screen and necessary code. For this I think it would 
be worth having a mechanism of saving approved clients in Libreoffice to 
avoid the need for repeated pin entry (i.e. the first time a client 
connects it has to "pair" using the pin, after this it never has to 
authenticate again). This would be similar to the way that bluetooth 
"pairs" devices on their first connection (the OS / bluetooth stack 
dealing with the pin) after which authentication isn't required again. 
(For bluetooth I don't bother with the pin entry screen, as the user 
will have already approved the device via a popup window created by the 
OS / desktop.)

I've also been looking at filtering bluetooth devices in the app: 
currently on the selection screen I list all bluetooth devices that are 
discovered. It is theoretically possible to use SDP to detect whether 
the device runs LibO, but this is only available on Android API >=15 
(4.0.3) -- is it worth adding such filtering, and should I leave it 
until later as a low priority item? It is also possible on I think all 
android versions to detect what type of device you have found (laptop, 
smartphone, toy, scales, see 
for more ) -- is it worth filtering out anything but COMPUTER_*  and 
possibly PHONE_SMART (I'm not sure what tablets are classed as yet -- 
but I assume we want to have the option of a tablet running a 
presentation being controlled by a phone as well)?


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