PATCH (tweaking the "fill in character" support in Calc Number Format Strings)

Johann Messner johann.messner at
Mon Aug 27 07:29:06 PDT 2012

hi Noel,


 "All my contributions, past and future, to LibreOffice are licensed 
  under the terms of the MPL / LGPLv3+. "

Am Mo, 27.Aug.12, KW35 (15:54:57 Uhr) schrieb Noel Power <nopower at>:

> So, in summary the changes are

> b) in cellform.cxx let cells with type CELLTYPE_STRING apply the format 
> with the repeating code also. Hmmm now I did see this previously but I 
> didn't see why the a string type cell would need to apply the numeric 
> format, so I left it out, I presume this change is necessary for some 
> types of non numberic cell content, I would guess maybe dates or 
> something? is that correct ? ( or if not I'd be interested in the 
> scenario that requires it )
According to the related ODF Specification (or is it an extension?) all 
of the cell types (including Number, Date, Text, user defined, and so on) 
should support the "fill in character" format specifier ... 
[pls see ]

> c) same as above except for CELLTYPE_FORMULA, so yes, this was oversight 
> by me, formulas can have numeric results for sure that could use the 
> repeating character format support so that part is needed. I guess the 
> change to the format for the else leg of the 'if ( pFCell->IsValue() )' 
> test probably has some similar rational as in the string case.
Yes, you are absolutely right. 

> d) some additional checks to prevent potential div/0 which are fine

> e) the new built-in formats, Eike are they ok for you? if they are I 
> also not sure what ( if any ) additional effort is required to 
> internationalise those formats :/
> ps. did you already state you licence intentions for your patches, the 
> usual is to post some blanket statement
>  "All my contributions, past and future, to LibreOffice are licensed 
> under the terms of the MPL / LGPLv3+. "
> to the list, if you haven't done so already would/could you do that please,
... of course (please see the prologue of this eMail)

> thanks again
> Noel

Now, I am wound up to a high pitch ... I am looking forward to a binary LO
release in the future featuring the "fill in character" Cell format 
specifier ;-)))

Many thanks to all of you in the LibreOffice Project for the good
work (<german>..insbesondere gilt Eike Rathke bzw. den Leuten vom =STARCALCTEAM()
unsere Anerkennung und unser aller Dank!!</german>)

best regards,

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