Styles preview removed ???

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Dec 3 01:16:50 PST 2012

Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Jean-Baptiste Faure píše v So 01. 12. 2012 v 19:31 +0100:

> > In my last build of master (Version (Build ID:
> > 9bfa09273ea0b7c9a351802d105230930951b90)), the styles preview does not
> > work anymore. It worked yesterday.
> > Perhaps some side effect of a recent commit.
> Oops, sorry, my mistake. In fact the style preview is inactive in the
> default new document until you inserted some text.
> As soon as you have typed some text and applied a style like Heading 1,
> the styles preview works.
> I do not know if we can see that as a bug.

It must be a bug :-)  It used to work; the style preview defaults to
non-preview drawing when it (internally) does not find the style's
attributes - I guess it might be connected to recent Cedric's changes
that somehow caused that for the new document the attributes are not
found, or something.  Can you please file a bug for that?

Thank you for careful testing, much appreciated!

All the best,

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