[API] Some more cleanup ideas

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Dec 3 02:04:42 PST 2012

On 03/12/12 10:32, Jan Holesovsky wrote:
> Hi Thorsten, Stephan,
> Thorsten Behrens píše v Pá 30. 11. 2012 v 17:23 +0100:
>>>> using namespace com::sun::star would save some 5 additional
>>>> characters - let me see what a test build yields...
>>> ...but would increase potential for ambiguities.
>> Yes, so I went for the css alias in the end. This change has been
>> pushed to master.
> Please _please_ PLEASE name it "api" as you proposed first, not "css" -
> it nearly killed me when I found out what that means when I started with
> OOo [that it is not "cascade style sheet", but "com::sun::star"] - think
> of the newcomers ;-)

actually i think despite that ambiguous expansion css works much better
as an abbreviation of "com::sun::star" than anything else... the vast
majority of the API is obviously not related to styles in any way, and
you can just look up the definition with ctags or opengrok anyway...

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