Reworking the MSVC-related build options

Mat M matm at
Mon Dec 3 14:24:49 PST 2012

Le Mon, 03 Dec 2012 10:06:46 +0100, Tor Lillqvist <tml at> a écrit:

> Below is what have so far, not finished yet, still bugs in the
> changes, and I probably want to get rid of the remaining uses of
> oowintool, and then before committing I need to verify carefully that
> it produces an equivalent as the old one (and that it
> builds, of course) for all three compilers (2008, 2010, 2012),
> including VS Express 2008.
> Does anybody use VS Express 2010?

Me, me, me !!! :-)

Although it is sometimes not handy (missing merge module is a pain, you  

> BTW, just to make sure, am I correct in assuming that nobody is
> intentionally, and out of *real* need, using any of these options:
> --with-cl-home (in the case where you only have one Visual C++/Visual
> Studio installed anyway)
> --with-al-home
> --mspdb-path
> --midl-path
> --csc-path
> --dotnet-framework-home
This one, because /lib/mscoree.lib is not where you expect it (In my case,  
in an SDK 6 subfolder)
> --windows-sdk-home
This one was required to use latest SDK with not latest VS, like VS2008  
(which comes with SDK 6) and SDK 7.1
> --directx-home
Well, you can find it in registry, but there is no standard variable that  
points to it. So you either add a bunch of registry lookup or ask for the  
> --asm-home
> If you do use some of those, please verify that it really is needed,
> i.e. check what happens if you remove the option: compare the
> generated, and compare what happens when you build an
> affected module, thanks! Then report back here.

Without the ones I used, configure just exits with an error and is not generated, so...
I know, I am a killjoy :)

> --tml
>  AC_ARG_WITH(mozilla-build,
>      AS_HELP_STRING([--with-mozilla-build],
> -        [For Windows users, please supply the path to the Mozilla
> build tools.])
> +        [Specify the path to the Mozilla build tools.])
>      [
>                            Usage:     --with-mozilla-build=<absolute  
> path to
>                                                            Mozilla build  
> tools>

I disagree here. this argument (which I renamed in a pending work), is  
used only for Windows. Other Oses provides tools in their system.


Mat M

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