Reworking the MSVC-related build options

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Dec 3 22:24:18 PST 2012

>> Does anybody use VS Express 2010?

> Me, me, me !!! :-)

OK, will have to test with that, too, then...

>> --dotnet-framework-home

> This one, because /lib/mscoree.lib is not where you expect it (In my case,
> in an SDK 6 subfolder)

OK, still that should be automateable, I hope.

>> --windows-sdk-home
> This one was required to use latest SDK with not latest VS, like VS2008
> (which comes with SDK 6) and SDK 7.1

OK. But does one actually win anything by using a newer SDK than the
one that cvame with the compiler, *when building LibreOffice*? (I used
to have the 7.1 one myself, too, can't remember why. Anyway, it caused
horrible problems when uninstalling and re-installing VS2010...)

>> --directx-home

> Well, you can find it in registry, but there is no standard variable that
> points to it.

But oowintool manages to find it, so it can't be impossible? Or is
that just some versions of the DirectX SDK? As the latest DirectX SDK
seems to be the June 2010 one, isn't it, could one assume that
everybody should have that by now? (Is that really the latest? Has
that technology then been merged into something else SDK-wise?)

> I know, I am a killjoy :)

No problem, good to get this feedback before I have committed
anything;) This means I do have to leave in more options, or adapt to
more combinations.

> I disagree here. this argument (which I renamed in a pending work), is used
> only for Windows.

Hmm, OK, yeah, for that --with-mozilla-build option you are right, it
makes sense to point out it is for Windows only. (Or for MSVC builds
only, even.)


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