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Andreas Mantke andreas.mantke at documentfoundation.org
Wed Dec 12 13:01:06 PST 2012

Hi Cedric,

Am 12.12.2012 21:29, schrieb Cedric Bosdonnat:
> Hi Andreas,
> On Wed, 2012-12-12 at 19:57 +0100, Andreas Mantke wrote:
>>> Could you help us on the plone side to get this ready?
>> yes, I could do. There is currently a WebDAV available for the
>> extensions- and the template-site:
>> webdav://extensions.libreoffice.org
>> webdav://templates.libreoffice.org
>> Both need a login.
> Ok, great! the only thing we'll need thus is to have some public access
> to webdav://templates.libreoffice.org.
hmm, I changed the permissions. It worked for me now. You could try the
URL of the template-center with WebDAV.


It should not be posible to reach the root of the site with anonymus
WebDAV and it should also not posible to add or write content to the
template-center or elsewhere without login. Please try that and give me
short feedback, if that works for you (I want to be sure that there is
no remaining cookie on my Laptop that makes it possible to access the
>> It would be posible to change the buildout thus there are a special port
>> for the WebDAV. I did that for the conference-site.
> You're the expert here... on LibreOffice side, we don't really need any
> special port: we only need to know the URL to access the templates.
Let's try if it works with the current setup. We could later use
hub.libreoffice.org for setting the path. Thus we could change the
resource later without any trouble.
>> I've not tried out ftp with Plone yet. But there is a description that
>> it would work, if it was added to the buildout script.
>> I don't know yet anything about CMIS-support for Plone. But maybe you
>> are the expert in that area ;-)
> As long as WebDAV is working, we can skip FTP and CMIS for the while. We
> may need CMIS someday if we want to extract some additional infos on the
> templates, but that's all.
Go ahead and test it.
>> I'm currently working on a new solution for the templates-repository
>> with content-types based on the Dexterity framework. It's intended to
>> run on a more flat hierarchy: template-center, projects, downloadable files.
>> I managed to create a structure with the different content objects, but
>> there are some steps missing yet, e.g. the indexing, search and display
>> feature. I've the goal to get ready with this new environment at Fosdem
>> 2013, but I'm not shure if I could manage without some help (extra
>> manpower/womenpower ;-)
> Tell me when you have something I can test via an anonymous webdav
> access. There may be some tweaks to add on the templates management
> classes (not sure).
To see if it works as expected you could use the current setting.


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