additional calc functions produce warnings

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Sat Dec 15 16:04:05 PST 2012

Hi tino,

On Friday, 2012-12-14 22:22:40 +0000, tino wrote:

> > Now I can see them with that obvious tip. Resource
> > scaddins/source/pricing/pricing.src
> Ah yes, thanks for that. I left that empty because I assumed this was
> optional and I didn't understand the point of it. It seemed something
> to do with translating function names (the other add-ins only
> contain a German translation and again the English version).

These were originally meant to be able to load Excel documents that for
some time were stored with localized function names (awkward silly
approach doomed to fail). Check for places in Calc code that call
GetExcelName() or GetCompNames() or getCompatibilityNames()

See also

> In any case, the attached diff will get rid of the warnings. Don't
> know if it's ok to leave ItemList empty,

I'm not sure about that.. would need digging through all functions
mentioned above and their calls. Better at least have the en-US entry in

> but at least no warnings are
> printed, except for
>  core/sfx2/source/control/dispatch.cxx:1477: Childwindow slot missing!
> which I guess is unrelated.

That's something different.


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