[RFC] syslog output from SAL_* messages

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Dec 18 02:52:20 PST 2012

> - am not able to send the ENABLE_SYSLOG definition down to
> sal/osl/unx/salinit.cxx

Surely the tradityional name for this should be HAVE_SYSLOG_H ?
ENABLE_FOO things are for stuff you enable or disable on the configure
command line, not for results of checks of header file presence. (Of
course, it might be that there are counter-examples in LO's
configure.ac, but we shouldn't continue to follow such anti-patterns.)

I guess you need to add to config/config_global.h.in:

and change the test to a simple:
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(syslog.h) ?

Isn't that the simple, normal way to check for some header?


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