lightproof and python3.3 (was: Re: [Grammar checking] Using LanguageTool lexicons with Lightproof) new possible

Németh László nemeth.lacko at
Wed Dec 19 01:39:16 PST 2012


Indeed, this is a more general problem with the bundled spelling
dictionaries: (Options->Writing Aids
doesn't list the available bundled language modules)

2012/12/18 Rene Engelhard <rene at>

> Hi again,
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 06:49:55PM +0100, Németh László wrote:
> >    It seems, the LinguServiceManager used by the optlingu.cxx (Writing
> Aids)
> >    doesn't know the bundled English package (I have checked on Windows
> and
> >    Linux). I will check the python 3.3 port again.
> FWIW: With
> lightproof of 2012-11-23 and python-uno from this night (built against 2.7)
> this doesn't work either. (doesn't warn, does not appear in
> writing aids/corrects.)
> So it *seems* that it's not only a python 3.3 port problem?

It seems, the configuration problem of the bundled dictionary extension.
Extra installations of dictionary extensions with Lightproof modules works,
moreover, installation of the Hungarian dictionary extension fixes the
missing English spell checking with the bundled English dictionary

> Regards,
> Rene
> P.S: Is the python3.3-capable lightproof also supporting python2 or does
> it really need
> python 3.3?

I think, python-uno and Lightproof have to work with Python 2, too. (But I
have checked only the bytecode compilation of the newest Lightproof with
Python 2.7).

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