[PATCH] Reduced duplicate code (simian) / l10ntools

Chr. Rossmanith ChrRossmanith at gmx.de
Sun Feb 5 11:37:26 PST 2012

>> I've moved them to a method ResData2Output(). Please review.
> Looks nice. All of the differences seem to be handled...
> > bWriteNoSlash seems to be always false
I'll add this to the patch and wait until I get feed back wrt the test 
question (s. below) before I'll push.
> Yes. And ByteString sTmp is unused.
I'll add this as well.
>> Maybe the spelling of Semikolon should be changed while at it...
> Yes, I think.
And this one...
>> and ByteString->rtl::OString...
> I think it should be separated... :)
Of course.
> Hmm, interesting, where we can test the "new" code, just in case?
That must be answered by someone else. "make unitcheck" is on its way 
but I don't know if l10ntools has unittests...


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