[PATCH reworked] Reduced duplicate code (simian) / l10ntools

Chr. Rossmanith ChrRossmanith at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 05:55:14 PST 2012

Am 06.02.2012 11:50, schrieb Ivan Timofeev:
> On 06.02.2012 13:34, Chr. Rossmanith wrote:
>> I have replaced parameter ResData *pResData (which became ununsed) with
>> parameter rtl::OString sTextType. Or should it be rtl::OString&
>> sTextType instead?
> A reference is better, however it is not really performance-critical I 
> think. But if so, reference variables are 'r'-prefixed.
> And I'd remove the return statement at the end of the function, it is 
> redundant there.
Now we have cbr, r-prefixed and no return at the end of the function.


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