Issues with 3.5.0 - ready for release ...

Cor Nouws oolst at
Mon Feb 6 16:08:13 PST 2012


As promised to Thorsten on Sunday, I've been looking at 3.5.0 and issues.

I looked at issues that I've seen, that are at 37361 and at the 44 
issues filed during our second BugHuntSession (little delay :-\ )

Added some comments, added some to bug 37361 etc.
Quite some have already been picked up. Thanks a lot!

  = = =

Some remarks about issues that, as far as I know, don't have attention 
as for now:
- the print issues from:
- captions/cross refs

- There there are some issues around documents with field:
   (attention to at least explain / value these, would be great.)
   - Bug 45341 - Saving document with a input list field as a .doc file
   makes the input list field read-only
   - Bug 41798 - FORMATTING: Opening a specific .doc file
   (frames, fields) gives wrong formatting
   Regression in Libreoffice 3.3/4

  = = =

So... as for 3.5.0rc3:
In the issues I know, I do not see issues that should be blocker
(maybe Bug 45584 - presentation view defective, but I know others looked 
at that one.)

However, I have no idea if the issues from the last weeks have been 
spotted / judged consequently and with enough detail (looking at what 
happened with the issues from January 21 and 22, I have to doubt 
seriously alas.)
So, though the overall impression is OK (as is with builds from the 
master) as long that checking issues from the last weeks is not clear, I 
would not bet on it.

  = = =

Of course there still are quite some issues, and more container problems 
(as the paper size issue that I've added to 37361).
(Extra hands to create as simple as possible overviews welcome.)

Interested in the findings and opinions of others!


  - Cor

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