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Hi Dietmar,

On Saturday, 2012-02-04 18:47:40 +0100, Dietmar wrote:

> is there a method to convert Borderline2 to Borderline (and vice versa),
> I can use in a Java extension?

Unfortunately not.

> Background is that I have the linestyle and linewidth in Borderline2 and
> I want to apply those to Tableborders which still need the Borderline.

I'm working on a TableBorder2 property that contains BorderLine2 instead
of BorderLine, that will be for 3.6 though so probably doesn't help you
right now with your actual problem.

> Simple type casting or picking the innerlinewidth etc. shows zero
> values.

That might also be due to some bugs around the BorderLine properties,
which we only recently fixed. Master and 3-5 may already be better,
some fixes are also in 3-5-0. Especially if for non-double lines only
InnerLineWidth was set and OuterLineWidth was 0 then no border was
drawn, may be workarounded by setting OuterLineWidth instead.

> Before doing a conversion tool myself, i would like to know if this has
> already been done.
> If not, can someone point me to the code where Borderline2 is
> interpreted, so that I can reuse that code?

You can peek into editeng/source/items/frmitems.cxx methods
SvxBoxItem::LineToSvxLine() and lcl_lineToSvxLine() and
editeng/source/items/borderline.cxx method


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