[RFC] x11 / cairo-less build try #2

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Wed Feb 8 07:37:12 PST 2012

Hi Riccardo,

On Tue, 2012-02-07 at 18:19 +0100, Riccardo Magliocchetti wrote:
> I've progressed a bit with X11 / cairo less build. Now everything builds 
> but somethings chokes in make dev-install:

	As Matus says, you'll need to add some conditionals to the scp2 stuff -
both in the makefile.mk's (or you can update SCPDEFS as generated by
configure.in), and to add #ifndef HEADLESS's around the place there :-)

	When you've done that a rm -Rf unxlngi6.pro ; build && deliver in scp2
- before re-running make install is prolly what you want to do.

> Attached all the changes that i have locally, they are diffed against an 
> old master and i'd like to have a working build before rebasing.

	Makes good sense :-)

> If someone is so keen to take a look at the patches and point out what 
> could be improved, uneeded changes (RepositoryModule_ooo.mk?) it'll be 
> great.

	Of course, I'd push to something that works, and then clean it up
later; but some thoughts:

	The Library_vcl.mk is becoming a bit of a rats-nest of cut/paste, I
wonder if we can chunk up the common files into another variable that we
can re-use in these different per-platform sections; I appreciate
everyone else just munged it but ... ;-)

	I'm surprised we need to disable lingucomponent, linguistic,
lotuswordpro, oovbaapi, vbahelper and wizards to build headless: of
course, quite probably we don't want at least some of those - but did
they really cause build issues ?

	Otherwise, it looks rather sane really :-)

> A couple of tests has been disabled because of "no suitable windowing 
> system found, exiting.\n" error from 
> vcl/unx/generic/plugadapt/salplug.cxx::CreateSalInstance(). And i 
> suppose the same error will bite me when i'll try yo run what i have 
> compiled.

	Oh - that is odd. Do you really want to create the plugadapt instance ?
or have your own headless instance (mirroring a cut down version of the
Android one perhaps ?).

	Of course, it is necessary to have the vcl/headless/ stuff connected up
somewhere, we'll still  need SalFrames in order to post events, and some
sort of event loop to run the app, but it shouldn't be hard to get a
really simple bitmap-rendering version in there.

	All the best,


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