PATCH build errors on Ubuntu 10.04

Alexander Bergmann myaddons at
Wed Feb 8 07:44:00 PST 2012

Hi Michael,

from what I read here makes me feel like there are couple of switches, 
which are enabled by default, but can be disabled pretty safely. Some of 
them --disable-epm, --without-junit and --without-java were documented 
in the wiki:

Now --without-doxygen and --disable-odk look like they can be used, too. 
Probably --disable-mozilla as well?

I guess it might be a good idea, to have a switch --minimal, which 
disables all switches, which are not needed unless in special 
situations. A side effect could be that less dependencies are needed and 
building LibreOffice takes less time.

This should be fine for new users, who want to take first steps in 
building LibreOffice.

Best regards,

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