OK to merge the fw? libraries in framework?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Feb 9 06:59:53 PST 2012

BTW, one thought about using --enable-mergelibs in a Windows build
(MSVC or Mingw, same issue) that came to my mind:

How is the FOO_DLLIMPLEMENTATION thing handled? Don't we in the
--enable-mergelibs case need to add into the Library_blah.mk file for
each library that will be part of libmerged a -DFOO_DLLIMPLEMENTATION
for each library FOO that is part of libmerged (and that uses that
mechanism to select between dllimport/dllexport attributes)?

Otherwise libblah will think it is importing stuff from libfoo even if
neither libblah and libfoo actually exist, and code for both will be
in libmerged.

I hope the above makes sense, sorry if not...


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