OK to merge the fw? libraries in framework?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Feb 9 09:20:15 PST 2012

> But now --enable-mergelibs is used only for android,

Hmm, but was the concept developed only for Android's benefit? If it
was, why then have a configure switch at all, why not just test "$(OS)
"== "ANDROID" directly?

> but will somebody use it on Windows ?

Don't know;) If it is likely to be unreasonably hard to use it on
Windows, or unlikely to be useful, let's then prevent it from being
used on Windows. The more configuration options we have, the more
likely is it that somebody will think that some option combination
that nobody else has tired is a good idea, and then complain loudly if
it doesn't work, get disappointed, and leave ;)

Now that I think a bit more, I don't see why --enable-mergelibs has to
exist as an option at all;) Either merging libraries is a good thing,
so why not then make it happen always (on Linux and other Unixes at
least), or it is indeed useful only for Android, and then let's make
it always happen on Android, never otherwise.

Surely this is not such a hard decision to make, people commit changes
to the code-base all the time without making every change optional;)


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