Google Summer of Code 2012: time to be ready

Cedric Bosdonnat cbosdonnat at
Mon Feb 13 05:28:38 PST 2012

Hi all,

GSoC 2012 edition has been announced a week ago at the same time than
FOSDEM. We now need to be ready to apply and host cool projects for cool
students and cool mentors.

For this I'll need your help!

What to do:
  * Clean up the ideas list from Gsoc/Ideas wiki page [0]. (See how to
pick up good ideas candidates below)
  * Add some cool ideas on Gsoc/Ideas wiki page [0].
  * Check the GSoc wiki page [1]: it contains a simplified timeline.

How to decide if a project idea is a good one:

  * Would you want to hack on it yourself? (Don't forget that a good
mentoring often requires the mentor to hack a bit with the student)

  * How much time would it reasonably require? (It needs to be doable in
a summer by someone that is not as used to the LibreOffice code as you.)

  * What makes my idea more appealing that the ideas of other projects?
(in the end, you want the idea to be interesting a student... so make it
look a great one)

  * Can you find easily measurable objectives? (Remember that we need to
evaluate the success of the project in the end. Having some way to
measure this would help you mentor it).

  * Do we have some code pointers to get started? (Pointing to some code
would help the applying students to more easily see what they'll need to
do... and may be they'll provide better applications).


Thanks a lot for your help!


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