[REVIEW] smoketest -> gbuild, TestExtension.idl needed ?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Feb 15 06:11:41 PST 2012

> I'm not sure this is not counter-productive.  For Android and iOS it might
> be vital to get sal_textenc merged,

Well, --enable-mergelibs is probably actually intended for Android
only, I think? But sure, I can change the condition to check $(OS)
instead. We desperately need to reduce the number of shared libraries
used for Android thanks to the silly limit of 128 handled by the
system dynamic loader, and sal_textenc seemed like a low-hanging

(For iOS all our libraries are static archives anyway, merging has no
meaning.) (Yes, that means UNO components won't be "loaded" in the
current sense, but linked statically. Work in progress.)


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