javadep.c & Java 7

Ivan Timofeev timofeev.i.s at
Wed Feb 15 07:31:02 PST 2012


I found soltools/javadep/javadep.c that contains a very simple parser 
for java class files. The problem is that it is old, at least it does 
not handle the class files generated by Java 7: as far as I remember, 
java guys added the new types of constant pool entries, but...


    /* Unknown Constant_pool entry, this means we are
     * in trouble
    err_quit("corrupted class file\n");

My question: is javadep.c a useful tool? If yes, I could update it. 
Because the class file format is one of the few areas where I have some 
experience. :) (However, I didn't yet look at the new specs closely.)


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